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Q1 Productions is busy rebranding and here's a sneak preview of our new design concept.

Instead of having no page we have brought you a couple of highlights from our events to keep you going until we are ready for a full rebranding launch - we will be back with you very soon.

We hope you like it!

here's a Snapshot Of Our Latest Work



latest work

refugee week launch party

andy warhol's 15 minutes of fame

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then you're in for a great ride.

One of the many local bands that are tearing up the local scene and making many debuts on international stages. Q1 Productions had the pleasure of working with them in San Remo. 


We recently had the pleasure of staging a corporate event at the RACV Club in Bourke Street Melbourne and as you can see it married brilliantly with their internal rig and it showed well.  


Redfox 3 Theatre company

Australia post movember

Q1 Productions had the privilege of working on this auspicious event staged at Federation Square in Melbourne and it was met with thunderous applause and somber reverence. 

Dragon are really great to work with - setting the lighting for 'April Sun in Cuba' and watching the audience reaction to the song was a memory that will last forever - and then some. 

Promiseland NYE carnival

Q1 Productions


Q1 productions was born from a passion for theatre and watching productions come alive. Since then it has evolved into a company that is driven by its passion for events and showing the greatest potential that they can deliver if coupled with the best lighting design, event management, conceptual design and overall management. 

​Since doing theatre productions, which we are still very actively involved in - Q1 Productions has moved into corporate events, music events and everything in between. We are very adept at designing events from inception or on the fly from arrival at the venue when a brief is not very detailed and there are a myraid of variables.